December 2, 2022

Imagine hearing your child call you “mom” for the first time in 6 years. Erin started riding at Main Stay when she was just 6 years old. Due to weak muscle tone in her trunk, she needed help just to sit up on her horse and was unable to use her voice. After three months of riding, Erin’s upper body strength had improved so much that she was able to push enough air through her chest and lungs to speak her first word, “Mom”.

Today, Erin is a young woman, and she still rides at Main Stay. She loves to listen to and sing Disney songs during her lesson. Riding continues to help Erin maintain her core strength so that she is able to sit up tall and sing!

Imagine a place where your voice is heard for the first time. Meet Nick, a teen who came to the farm a few years back with Allendale LINC, a therapeutic day school. When they came for their first session it was clear to him that this was not one of their usual school outings. As he exited the van and breathed in the fresh air of the farm Nick said, “Oh, this is a farm, I’ve been to one before.” While this statement may not seem all that remarkable to the average person, it stopped Allendale’s staff in their tracks! It was the first time they had heard Nick speak even though they had been with him for an entire school year. In one of his last
sessions at the farm, Nick expressed his appreciation for the non-verbal team building activities that his group participated in at the farm, “Because everyone was quiet for a change they could all finally really listen to each other.”

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