To encourage, enrich and empower individuals through the therapeutic benefits of horses, animals and nature in an uplifting and nurturing setting. Main Stay is a place where bodies are challenged, minds embrace possibilities, and spirits are renewed.



A Husband and Son’s Story

A husband’s observations of his wife’s improvements from riding under the guidance of skilled instruction come as a result of being both a teacher and a football coach for nearly 30 years. He values the measuring of each goal as he and his son have watched their wife and mother go from needing side walkers for support to riding unassisted.

Her grandchildren come and watch beaming with pride at their grandmother’s strides and joy. “We’ve seen such great improvement since coming here. As a matter of fact I have seen more improvement at Main Stay than I have seen in therapy that we have had over the past two years… The core of her body seems to remember what she used to do and most of all, I think she is happy. She can do things for herself now, she can stand”.

Her son says that sometimes when she is confused and her memory fades they trigger her memory by asking her the name of her horse. Slowly it comes to her. “Maggie” she says and her mind finds some peace. Her husband says there isn’t much of an outlet when one is disabled but going to Main Stay weekly “reminds us that there is a life out there.”

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