To encourage, enrich and empower individuals through the therapeutic benefits of horses, animals and nature in an uplifting and nurturing setting. Main Stay is a place where bodies are challenged, minds embrace possibilities, and spirits are renewed.



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2014 Founders Award: Diane Massier

27 years ago Main Stay was created by the dreams of the Founders Sara and Rusty. Main Stay stands out today in our industry due to the genuine warm hearted giving culture that was created 27 years ago, and still lives on today. Main Stay was founded with our Value Statements: Integrity, Quality, Respect, Team Work, Caring, Accepting, and Safety. A guideline was created and instructors were asked to nominate one individual who stood out to them this year.

Special Olympics games recap

Main Stay’s second year attending the Illinois State Equestrian Special Olympics games included more riders and more wonderful experiences for riders, families, volunteers and staff. Jen K., Anna J., and Flynn M. made us proud during the games held October 25-26 in Poplar Grove. Jen, the experienced veteran, was a great role model and mentor to the newer competitors and encouraged her teammates throughout the weekend. Anna and Flynn rose to the challenge and along with Jen rode like true champions.

Year End Recognition Party

The Year End Recognition Party is once again upon us.

Join us in celebrating the great work that our volunteers and riders have accomplished during the year of the horse.

On November 21st join us at Woodstock North High School in the Auditorium & Cafeteria.

There will be a light food service after the awards please RSVP by November 8, 2015.

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