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2018 Spring

Inspiring New Directions

The Inspiring New Directions program was launched this year for high school aged clients as an alternative to detention or suspension, and other traditional interventions needed in a school setting. The program teaches students to gain insight into their own behavior and internalize practical behavior skills.

One common challenge faced by a majority of the program’s participants has been the negative impact of anxiety and stress on day-to-day decision making.

2017 Winter

Making Connections ~

Therapeutic riding, equine and animal assisted learning and the adaptive garden programs share a common goal—helping our clients make meaningful connections. One boy reflected on his time at Main Stay, he had, “made awesome friends, learned patience and made a connection with Louie. Main Stay makes me happy, I talk more now.” Clients spend time at the farm to help with social and emotional needs. Connecting with the animals often helps clients to more successfully connect with their own peers and family. Being at the farm, “helps me through my bad days when I am there. Interacting with the animals made all of my worries disappear.”

2016 Spring

Collaboration—Better Together!

Through the generosity of the McHenry County Community Foundation, a grant opened the door to welcoming Harvard School District to Main Stay in the spring of 2015. The enthusiasm and positive attitude of the Harvard students helped to make each weekly trip to the farm a great success. “I LOVE IT HERE! This place is the greatest place!” says student, Tony. Students poured out of the school van with broad grins on their faces each week, echoing Tony’s sentiment that the farm really is a great place.

2015 Spring

Special Olympics 2014

Main Stay’s second year attending the Illinois State Equestrian Special Olympics games included more riders and more wonderful experiences for riders, families, volunteers and staff. Jen K., Anna J., and Flynn M. made us proud during the games held October 25-26 in Poplar Grove. Jen, the experienced veteran, was a great role model and mentor to the newer competitors and encouraged her teammates throughout the weekend. Anna and Flynn rose to the challenge and along with Jen rode like true champions.

2014 Spring

Discovering New Directions

Thanks to you, our generous supporters, Main Stay continues to celebrate the unique human—animal bond through our various programs. We have the honor and privilege of seeing this extraordinary connection daily at the farm. People unfamiliar with our programming seem surprised at times when they learn about the wide variety of clients we serve. On any given day there may be individuals who range in age from 3 to 93 experiencing the healthy and empowering benefits of Main Stay!

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