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Client information— Paperwork for all clients must be filled out in its entirety before a client is able to participate in a Main Stay program.

Therapeutic Riding 2022 Registration – Please complete the required forms by clicking on the Client Registration Form below. Please return your completed Availability form right away so we can begin working on the schedule. PDFs are available below, but we recommend you use our online signup forms instead.

As much as we wish we could reuse your paperwork, PATH Intl. requires us to update the information every year.

We appreciate your help getting all forms in by the deadlines listed.

The Client Handbook has been updated. Please read or print a copy for your records. The handbook contains important information regarding lessons, cancellations and payments. Client Handbook (PDF)

All therapeutic riding clients must have a doctor's release and be evaluated by Main Stay's staff before entering the program. Main Stay reserves the right to decline any client who we feel we cannot provide services to safely, or who is contraindicated in accordance with PATH, Intl. standards.

These forms are all required for participation in Therapeutic Riding

Most of our Client Registration (PDF) can now be submitted Online

• Fill in the Client Registration form except the Medical History Form and Auto Pay Form

• Once you submit your forms, they are automatically emailed to the office

Print and mail/email/fax the Medical History Form to your doctor as soon as possible.

We do not require a yearly physical. Your physician can complete this form with information from your last visit.

The Medical History Form is usually the form that takes the longest to receive back and without it you jeopardize your riding slot if it is not returned by the deadline.

• Contact Rich in the office if you would like to continue paying your bill via Auto Pay.

• Client Registration Form

• Medical History & Physicians Statement
• Print for Physician (PDF)

• Auto Payment Release (optional)
• Print and Mail PDF or Call Office to make payment arrangements

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact the farm at 815-653-9374. If you are unable to complete the forms electronically, printable forms are below

Rider Financial Assistance Application Print it, fill it out and either mail it or drop it off at the office

Equine and Animal Assisted Learning Programs (EAALP)

EAALP Registration and Release Form (Online) or Download PDF. Once you submit your online registration form, it is automatically emailed to the office

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