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Donate monthly to Main Stay and join a community of givers who believe in the healing powers of horses, animals and nature.

Main Stay Therapeutic Farm is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations to Main Stay Therapeutic Farm are tax deductible.
EIN/Tax ID Number: 36-3565747

The Giving Hearts Community / Noun.

A community where everyone has one thing in common – their giving hearts. | Because of the Giving Hearts Community, clients like Travis are seen for their abilities, rather than disabilities.

Meet Travis >

A Main Stay volunteer smiles while walking beside an adaptive rider and their horse chip.

Community needs are growing at exponential rates.

The Giving Hearts Community is helping Main Stay meet those needs. Through monthly donations of all sizes, people like you are helping to sustain Main Stay as it continues to innovate and expand its services in order to reach as many individuals as possible. View Main Stay’s 2023 Impact Report >

3 reasons to feel good about donating monthly to Main Stay:


Transparency Standards

Earning the highest rating on Charity Navigator and Guide Star, Main Stay has set the greatest financial transparency standards in its industry.

Accordingly, Main Stay is a premier accredited PATH Intl center and has maintained the EQUUS Guardian Seal of Transparency.



Main Stay’s philosophy is simple: make its services accessible to as many individuals as possible.

As such, Main Stay strives to keep its program fees low and therefore they cover less than 20% of actual operating costs. The remaining 80% of funding is made possible through compassionate people like you.


Community Investment

As community needs grow, more individuals are seeking out Main Stay’s holistic services. As a result, Main Stay’s client size has grown 85% since 2012.

Your return on investment? Giving individuals like those at One Hope United a chance to feel safe.

“It’s just the feel that Main Stay gives. I can’t explain how, or what it is but when they walk in, they just feel safe…”

Susan, Case Manager Supervisor | Banner Learning

The Giving Hearts Community | Monthly Donation
Donation Amount

The Garden

Your monthly gift will go towards purchasing of gardening supplies for Main Stay’s (pollinator friendly) adaptive garden.

You will help provide clients with an opportunity to plant, grow and harvest herbs, flowers and produce during the growing season.

Linus & Lucy

Your gift will help support the care of our barn cats, Linus & Lucy. Previously feral kittens and then adopted by Main Stay, Linus and Lucy are currently kittens in training for a very important and powerful role at Main Stay: barn cats.

Main Stay’s barn cats are, at times, a client’s first friend at the farm. Main Stay’s barn cats have the unique ability to make clients feel at ease before that client’s lesson or program starts.

Linus and Lucy, Main Stay's new barn cats

Rider Assistance Fund

Your gift will provide 10 adaptive riding lessons for a rider in financial need.

To ensure services are available to as many individuals as possible, Main Stay offers financial assistance to qualifying clients on a sliding scale based on income. Main Stay uses the income levels as established by the Illinois Free and Reduced Lunch Program. Current information on these income levels can be viewed on Main Stay’s Rider Assistance Application Form.

Petey the Goat

Your gift will help support Main Stay’s youngest member of Main Stay’s “Littles” herd, Petey the goat! Adopted by Main Stay in 2022, Petey was raised for human consumption but his friendly personality spared him from that fate. Petey is talkative, enthusiastic and enjoys working with Main Stay’s clients.


Your gift will help support the newest member of Main Stay’s equine team, King!

King was going to take on a career as a police horse but fate ended up bringing him to Main Stay. King is a big horse but is gentle and kind. Main Stay needs horses of all shapes and sizes to accommodate the wide range of clients we serve so we are very grateful to be able to add King to our program.

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How You Can Help

Main Stay is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization and receives no state or federal funding. Through the generosity of individuals, private foundations, corporations and service organizations, Main Stay is able to touch hundreds of lives each year.
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